Scott Robinson

Henry Bellmon Chair of Public Service
Professor of Political Science

Curriculum Vitae 

B.A. (summa cum laude), University of Texas at Dallas (1997)
Ph.D. Texas A&M University (2001)

Research Fields: Disaster Politics, Public and Nonprofit Management, Policy Process Theory
Favorite Courses to Teach: 

As the Henry Bellmon Chair of Public Service, Professor Robinson's research and teaching focuses on the management of public service organizations as they cope with various forms of disasters or extreme events. He teaches class on grant writing and project management for charities, disaster politics, and more general courses on managing public service organizations. His research has focused on disaster planning and response. In particular, he has recently completed a National Science Foundation research project on the managing mass evacuations and integrating charities into evacuation support. His research has appeared in the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disaster and the Journal of Emergency Management as well as the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. His current projects include better models for vulnerability to tornados and public trust in government organizations – especially those that seek to provide advice on public safety issues.


Course Syllabi


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